Homemade Pasta (600 x 400)

Freshly Prepared - Ready To Go

City Meat is proud to offer our customers a delicious selection of fine foods prepared right in our own kitchen.

Our storemade products are prepared fresh and frozen the same day to preserve all the delicious flavours.

Thinking about a pasta and meatball dinner for two? Just pick up a jar of fresh storemade sauce, a package of storemade pasta and a package of frozen meatballs and you have all the ingredients you need.


Choose from our selection of Fettuccine, Linguine or Pastina. Whole wheat and Gluten free pastas are also available


Our sauces use fresh ingredients and are slow simmered to bring out the rich, robust flavor our customers love. Sauces include regular meat, spicey meat and vegetarian.


Plan to include our delicious meatballs in your next meal. Prepared by hand and roasted to perfection in our oven, these fully cooked meatballs will delight your whole family. Our meatballs come in beef or pork and sold in packages of ten.


Our Lasagne is prepared by the pan and feeds six to eight people. Choices include Meat or Vegetarian

Canneloni and Manicotti

Our famous Meat Canneloni and Cheese Manicotti are prepared in a traditional sauce and include twelve generous servings per package

Meat Pies

Our popular meat pies are fully cooked. Just heat, serve and enjoy. Our meat selection includes Beef Pork or Turkey